Discover How A Small Group Of Children Are Subconsciously Absorbing New Math Concepts Quickly & Developing Logical Thinking Skills...All Using This Proven Korean Learning Method!

Singaporean Parents Are Amazed To See How This Highly Raved Technique Has Started To “Program” The Math Genius In Their Children

Especially For Parents Who Want To Give Their Children (3-10 Year Old)
A Natural Competitive Edge In Their Educational Journey!

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I'm Justin Chen, founder and programme director of PlayFACTO School, the award-winning math enrichment brand with over 10 centres islandwide.

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PlayFACTO has helped over 150,000 children throughout Korea, Japan, China, Malaysia & Singapore develop a competitive edge when it comes to mastering logical & critical thinking skills sets. 

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Which Activity Would You Rather Be Doing?

Both activities above serve to reinforce the concept of addition...

But between these two activities, 

Which is more ENGAGING?

  1. Option A involves the use of practice questions to engage a child to revise the concepts that they have learned.

  2. Option B involves the use of PLAY to learn. As such, it enables a child to thoroughly ENGAGE in their learning of addition.

While both are great... Option B is clearly better at ENGAGING children in their learning. 

Why is Engagement Important?

If a child is DISENGAGED, they are not committed to the learning process.

When our children are ENGAGED in their learning,  it brings about huge benefits such as: 

1. Focus 

2. A Spirit of Excellence

3. Meticulousness 

4. Perseverance

5. Confidence!

As such,

The question of the day should be...



"Are You Giving Your Child The Right Stimulation
To Engage, Develop & Strengthen
Their Growing Minds?"

These may be early warning signs that the learning methods you're currently using may NOT be stimulating his growing brain in the most effective way!

And if not handled properly, it can easily lead to having difficulties tackling & handling challenges when he/she goes to Upper Primary.

That's not all.

As parents, you probably know...

Developing your child's brain between the ages of 3 to 10 (known as the "formative" years) can be the difference between high-performing kids and children who struggle to pick up new skills!

Ever noticed how some kids struggle/take time to learn new stuff while other kids are able to pick it up instantly?

It's likely because they were engaged with the right methods before they set foot in Upper Primary!

So, what exactly can help him develop logical & critical thinking skills at a young age?

If you're starting to notice that your child is:

Easily distracted and can't seem to focus...

Gives up easily when trying to overcome a challenge or working on a task (whether it's playing a new game or activity)! 

Picks up new skills a little slower than other children (fixing puzzles, using fingers to count, doesn't tend to recognize patterns, etc)

Waiting for you to give the answer instead of attempting to solve the Math problem!

Afraid of asking questions when he doesn’t understand certain concepts or instructions (sometimes even trying to avoid the subjects completely)!

(LIVE Demonstration) Watch The Short Video Below & See How Your Child Can Instantly Develop Logical and Critical Thinking With These Korean Manipulatives!

The Task

In the game below, they are required to find the best possible path to form the number line given the start and end points. Kids take turns to place numbers to find a possible solution to accomplish the task at hand.

In just a 47-second game:

We have taught them critical thinking, logical thinking and problem solving in one short game.  (This is especially useful for tackling challenging problem sums in the future!)

And this isn't through some boring textbook or assignment piece.

They are learning core skills through games (while having fun in the process)!

By now you must be wondering... 

"I too also use manipulatives, what's the difference?"

Watch and Learn How They Are
Developing Logical and Critical Thinking!

Developing Logical and Critical Thinking Skills

In the scene above, they are playing within the given rules as determined and explained by the facilitator.

See how the children take turns (0:00 - 0:20) to test out various hypotheses in order to complete the task.

Then, they take the next 20 seconds (0:20 - 0:40) to place the counters to showcase their answers with each taking various roles to place and check their answers. 

The boy spends the final 3 seconds (0:40 - 0:43) checking his answers. 

"Justin, How Are Your "Korean Manipulatives"
Different From Learning Tools &
Other Enrichment Toys
In The Market?"

Unlike other “education toys” or “learning resources” out there in the market, which focus on self- directed learning and "play & forget" sessions;

Our students bring the platforms home which promotes self-directed learning, intentional repetitive play, and even parent-child bonding activities!

This means on top of developing logical, critical thinking & math skills... 

Our techniques also make learning COMPLEX Math concepts FUN and EASY!

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PLAYFACTO Programme for Children Age 3 - 10

In the video above, the children are playing a game about parking cars in TWO different lots. However, they are SUBCONSCIOUSLY learning CORE skills needed to excel in primary school (all without assessment books etc)! 

So if you want to see how your child can gain access to this range of amazing manipulatives and start gaining that competitive edge over his peers the moment he enters primary school…

You might want to check out our “Program the Maths Genius in Your Child” workshop below!

Check Out What Other Parents
Are Saying About The Program!

Stories are different, activities are different. How could your child stay bored? Chloe, my child, is learning math so naturally….

For example, I could never get her to practice writing numbers on her own. With the workbook and manipulative, she could learn how to write numbers all by herself.

It’s unbelievable!

-- Mrs Lee, Mummy Of Chloe

What I like most is the class begins with a storytelling.

Immediately, my child is engaged with the characters in the stories. The use of the matching manipulative brought the story to life. The ability for my child to touch, feel and do makes the whole learning experience very interactive.

-- Mrs Tan, Mummy Of a 4 Year Old

So If You're Interested In Giving Your Child The Natural Edge Throughout His Education Journey, Register For The FREE "Program The Math Genius In Your Child" Workshop!

In this COMPLIMENTARY 1.5 hr content-packed workshop, we will be sharing highly effective and practical techniques you can use to help your child learn Mathematical Concepts in a natural, fun and engaging way!

ere's what we'll be sharing:

  •  Discover how our unique manipulatives help your child understand complex maths concepts easier and faster even if he used to struggle with solving simple problems!
  • How to "program" subconscious learning attitudes into your child to help him absorb knowledge faster through rapid assimilation techniques!
  • The 5-step H.O.M.E.S active method that helps equip your child with self-facilitating skills so he has the ability to learn new things on his own!
  • Tested & proven Korean-imported math manipulatives that help build an analytical mind to solve problems effectively in multiple ways!
  • A scientific method to encourage your little ones to become an active learner in developing and applying reasoning skills, making connections among concepts and procedures. (Once your child unlocks this missing piece, it will help his subconscious mind to continuously reflect on his learning)! 
  • Several other strategies on how to prepare your child for primary education!

(Speaker: Mr Justin Chen, Education Expert, Director PlayFACTO Singapore)

And Here's How You Can Join Us For This  FREE Content-Packed Workshop!

If you want your child to be able to learn new concepts subconsciously, gain a competitive edge in learning and become an active learner, then this workshop will certainly benefit you.

Like every other parent who has joined our workshop and benefited from our sharing, you will too be able to find the answers you have been searching for when you join our workshop!

You will not only learn how to give your child a competitive edge in learning, but also the right way to coach him more effectively so that he can learn in an easier, effective and fast way!

Register your child below:

The "Program the Maths Genius in Your Child" Workshop

For Parents & Children


15 Dec, Sat

Bukit Timah

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PlayFACTO Math Diagnostic Test
(Worth $50)

When you join us for this workshop, your child (3 to 10 years of age) will receive a complimentary diagnostic session conducted using our proprietary PlayFACTO math activities and manipulatives.

Your child will be tested on the 5 PlayFACTO Math domains that will map out their Strengths and Areas for Improvement. 

At the end of the 1.5 hours, you will receive a personalised consultation of your child's mathematical abilities and exact strategies on how you can help your child improve his/her math foundation over the next few months.

And that's not all...


Only for The First 20 Parents Who Sign Up!

The first 20 parents who enrol for our workshop will get ONE complimentary manipulative (worth $80) that you can use to coach your child at home.  Manipulatives are scientifically proven to aid in helping your child develop critical and problem-solving skills. 

This Is Your Chance To Give Your Child The Natural Mathematical Edge Throughout His Education Journey!

Once you learn the techniques we will be sharing in the workshop, you will no longer have to be stressed about your child’s competitiveness when he/she enters primary school as he can now learn independently without much guidance.

Imagine your child being a confident and active learner who excels naturally in school NOT needing additional tuition or motivational workshops.

So if you are committed to help your child achieve more in his learning of mathematical concepts and in his life.. wait no longer and sign up for this workshop NOW!

The earlier you engage your child to learn concepts in a natural and fun way, the earlier he will be able to pick up good learning habits and develop himself to be a critical and creative thinker!

So help your child gain the competitive edge before it's too late!

Solving Math Problems With Manipulatives

Reflecting & Self-Correcting After Making Mistakes

I used to buy a lot of educational toys for my child. But he gets bored easily after playing for a while. However, with the PlayFACTO workbook and manipulative, I am able to facilitate his learning. There are so many different activities in the book. Most importantly, he enjoys the activities.

-- by Mrs Soon, Mummy Of 5 Year Old

My child is easily distracted. It is very difficult to get him to focus on a task. It takes me a lot of time and energy to get his attention. 

After 6 months in the program, it is amazing how he is able to focus and learn much better. We spend more than 45 minutes playing with the manipulative, but he doesn’t get distracted!

-- Mdm Sim, Mummy Of 5 a Year Old

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